Globis – Wrocław
Globis – Wrocław
Globis – Wrocław
Globis – Wrocław
Globis – Wrocław

Globis – Wrocław

Powstańców Śląskich 7A, Wrocław

/ 5.

Property details

Net area:

14,500 m2

Gross area:

27,750 m2

Building class:


Commissioning year:

Q2 2008



Available from:


Lease terms

Office rent:

€ 13.5 -

Retail rent:


Service charge:

PLN 19.91

Ground parking:


Underground parking:

€ 80.0

Common area factor (%):


Parking factor:


Min. rental years:


Typical floor area

  • Floors: 1-13
  • Area: 1320 m2
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Location Powstańców Śląskich 7A, Wrocław


ibis Wroclaw Centrum233 m2 min4 min2 min
Novotel Wrocław Centrum250 m4 min4 min4 min
Pełna Para50 m0 min0 min0 min
Novo272 m2 min4 min2 min
Santander Bank Polska S.A.1,382 m7 min7 min7 min
ING Bank Śląski placówka bankowa we Wrocławiu1,815 m8 min7 min8 min
Beauty salons
Exclusive Beauty Salon170 m2 min3 min2 min
love_epil_wroclaw303 m4 min4 min4 min
Shopping centers
Arkady Wrocławskie759 m6 min4 min6 min
DH Renoma788 m12 min4 min9 min
Grocery stores
Biedronka190 m2 min3 min2 min
Żabka601 m9 min3 min9 min
Gas stations
BP51 m1 min0 min1 min
Circle K (Statoil)1,786 m18 min8 min19 min
Ignacy Barwiński50 m0 min0 min0 min
Business street
Ulica Świdnicka1,279 m16 min6 min11 min
Ulica Świdnicka1,613 m14 min8 min11 min
Drug store
Rossmann734 m15 min4 min15 min
Hebe763 m14 min4 min14 min
Bike stations
Plac Kościuszki (Renoma), WRM nextbike Poland, Wrocław816 m12 min5 min10 min


The GTC Group is a leading real estate investor and developer focusing on Poland and capital cities in Central and Eastern Europe. During 25 years of its activity, GTC has developed 77 high standard, modern office and retail properties with a total area of approx. 1.4 million sq m through Central and Eastern Europe.

GTC now actively manages a commercial real estate portfolio of 44 commercial buildings providing over 761 ths. sq m of lettable office and retail space in Poland, Hungary, Bucharest, Belgrade, Zagreb and Sofia. In addition, GTC has a development pipeline of approx. 400 ths. sq m retail and office properties in capital cities of Central and Eastern Europe, 36 ths. sq m under construction.

GTC S.A. is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and inward listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

In 2021, GTC issued its first ESG report, covering the Group’s activity across 6 CEE markets for 25 years. The report is available at


Marcin Dondalski

Marcin Dondalski

Leasing Manager


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